What clients are saying...


Lisa & Trevor, Valencia, CA

A Day in the life

I was a little concerned that my shy and sensitive son would refuse to act naturally or maybe even rebel against being photographed. But he warmed up to Melissa and her camera pretty quickly. I think he actually ended up having more fun knowing the camera was there to capture it. I was also a little nervous that we would be boring and the pictures would end up reflecting that. Of course that didn't happen at all. Some of the more "boring" or typical everyday moments turned into the best shots.

Our favorite part of the day was when we made a "spaceship" out of a box we had laying around. That was one of those magical times that we have on occasion in our house and I'm always trying to memorize every moment so I can remember how special it was. So, I was thrilled Melissa was there to capture it! I loved how the images captured every step - from the idea, to the creation, to the magic of the boys' imagination as they immersed themselves in playing with it. Best of all, was when she was able to get the shots of the meltdown at the end when the boys tore the thing apart in frustration. Because that is the truth of how it ends sometimes. As parents of young kids know, not everything is rosy and fun all the time. I think it's important to remember how it really and truly is during this stage in our lives. 

Throughout our sessions, I was constantly impressed with her creativity and ingenuity with the angles, lighting and her ideas on how to shoot the picture. Being a mother of young children herself, she was able to connect with our own children and make them feel comfortable, all while she snapped away. I was thrilled with how well her images captured the true energy and feel of our family inclusive of everything from meltdowns, laughter, hugs, kisses, sleeping, running, crashing, crying, eating and everything in between. The beautiful presentation of the album at the end was icing on the cake and is something we will cherish and pass down to generations.


Julie & Chris, Studio City, CA


I was nervous that we wouldn’t know what to do to or that the photos would be too staged. But, we just went about our day and Melissa was capturing every little detail without us knowing she was even there. We weren’t sure which part of the day to originally schedule, but we ended up going with the afternoon thinking that our kids would be done with their naps. Well, things never go as planned and 2 of the 3 kids ended up crashing towards the end of the session. At that point, I thought we weren’t going to be able to document much more, but then Melissa was able to get the sweetest photos of both of my youngest children sleeping.

Truly whatever happened that day (like my son never wanting to change out of his Spider-Man outfit) was perfectly captured. Melissa is able to paint a picture of your family in a natural way and with an eye for finding those special moments. She is able to make you feel comfortable throughout the shoot and lets the parents be in the pictures for once :)


Michelle & Eric, San Francisco, CA


I had two main anxieties while searching for a photographer: 1) That it would be intrusive to have someone else in the (small) room, and 2) that we get great material (photographs) to document this precious moment in our lives. In this day and age - when we are so used to capturing every moment ourselves - it can be a bit nerve wracking to place it in someone else's hands! I needn't have worried though, she worked with us beforehand to make sure she knew of any "special" shots we wanted, and during the experience put us at ease with her professional and calm approach.

She captured so many beautiful moments that we would never have captured ourselves, and we came away with a wonderful memento of our son's birth. You can tell she loves what she does! My favorite part of this experience was capturing the quiet moments between our family, when we normally wouldn't have our phones out and photographing (e.g. while breastfeeding). Being able to relax and put our phones/cameras away while knowing that the moments are being captured allowed us to truly be present. It was so nice not to have to "worry" about capturing every moment and be behind my phone. I loved the ability to stay present.


Lauren & AJ, Studio City, CA


I was nervous I was going to feel self-conscious and I was slightly concerned our children would act out while Melissa was here. Neither came true. We went about our morning and it was like Melissa wasn't here. Her calm energy actually calmed our boys and I immediately felt at ease. It was refreshing to let go and not really care about what I looked like while being photographed, and to have her capture us being totally authentic and present with our boys.

Preparing for the session was very different than the usual stress I have before a photo session - buying new semi-coordinated but not too "matchy" outfits, making sure everyone's hair is perfect, getting my hair done, fussing about all the little details. I didn't do ANY of that or any prep at all, and it was refreshing and just REAL. We have photographs of the REAL US and I love everything about them! My messy hair and tired face, the boys' mismatched jammies, the crying, the ouchies and bandaids, etc. This is our real life right now and I want to remember as many of the little details as possible. We won't get this time back and our little ones grow up so quickly. Having these documentary type photos in a printed book of the average Saturday morning with our then 1, 3 and 5 year-olds is invaluable.

It's something we will always cherish. I'm able to see things I often miss, and have pictures with me actually in them from our day to day life! It's such a special type of shoot.