Look inside a family documentary photo session...

Family documentary photography is an exciting genre growing in popularity as an alternative to traditional family photo sessions. Since it’s a new concept it might be hard to understand how these sessions differ from regular “photo sessions”. So I thought I’d give you an inside look.

Some things might seem daunting. A session can be four to five hours long? Don’t plan outfits? Don’t bribe my kids to smile? Just go about our normal day while you photograph? Sounds crazy! Well, guess what? I will photograph whatever happens that day (tantrums, play, kisses, and naps!) and it will be beautiful.

I spent a Saturday morning with the Brandenstein family at their home in Studio City, Los Angeles, CA. Some of the thoughts that Lauren expressed to me before the day started were “I’m torn about what we do tomorrow. Should we hang home or go on a normal outing?” and “it will take everything in me not to put on makeup tomorrow!”.

It was still dark out when I knocked on the door that morning, and on arrival the boys had just tumbled out of bed. Taking the first shot is always the hardest, but we must start somewhere! The boys slunk shyly on the couch as I took that first shot, and soon after they were their energetic selves. We started with breakfast, play, and getting ready for the day.


Next, the two youngest headed with Mom to Trader Joes while the oldest stayed home with Daddy for some puzzle time.


Then it was time to just hang out as a family. This included watching home videos, dyeing Easter eggs, and playing in the backyard.


Finally it was lunch time and some books to wind down for an afternoon nap.


And Lauren's final words? "It was refreshing and just REAL.  We have photographs of the REAL US and I love everything about them! Having these documentary type photos in a printed album of our average Saturday morning is invaluable.  It's something we will always cherish."

Hope you enjoyed this peek into a family documentary photo session. If you have more questions or are interested in this type of session for your family, please contact me