I was nervous we would be boring...

It’s a thought that many clients face when thinking about documenting a normal day in their life. It crossed Lisa’s mind before her session at home in Valencia, CA, “I was a little nervous that we would be boring and the pictures would end up reflecting that.” The idea of hiring a photographer to spend several hours of family life with you, going about a regular day with no special “photogenic” activities planned, can create a feeling of uncertainty.

Take a moment and think to your own childhood - what would you give to have more of the “normal” documented with your family? A photo of your little self sitting at the breakfast table while your Mother prepares breakfast, of you and your Father building a cardboard fort together, of your parents enjoying a private conversation on the playground while you play with your brother, or of your Mother washing your hair. These may not be exciting activities to others, but they’re special to YOU. And that’s what matters most.

How did Lisa feel after she saw her pictures? “Some of the more "boring" or typical everyday moments turned into my favorite shots.  I was thrilled with how well her images captured the true energy and feel of our family inclusive of everything from meltdowns, laughter, hugs, kisses, sleeping, running, crashing, crying, eating and everything in between.”

So, when it comes to a day in the life photo session, I like to tell families to go about their average day, plan a couple favorite family activities to throw in if it works, and feel comfortable in knowing that, no matter how it unfolds, these everyday moments will make beautiful photos that you’ll cherish forever and ever.

(SO hard to narrow down my favorites for the day! These are only a few of many. To see the video slideshow of the full day, click here)